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Today I completed my first painting in... oh, 13-14 years, somewhere in there. Wanna see it? I think it looks better in person, though not TOO close up...

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It's hanging over my piano -- I used a level but for some reason it looks slightly crooked. Maybe it's just me. Anyhoo ~ it took me 2 sessions, about 5-6 hours total painting time. The paint is acrylic, my favorite kind because it's very forgiving and I do mess up sometimes. I'm pleased with how it came out.



Just got sorted today... yay Hufflepuff! If it wasn't Hufflepuff or Slytherin I was going to give that hat a serious talking-to.

I am GhostNimbus28630 if you want to add me. I will add everyone and their mother; however, I make no promises to keep everyone's names straight :D

2 memes for the price of none

If anyone wonders how Jeremy's visit went... in a word, it was AWESOME. The only problem is now I miss him like crazy. Sigh.

Here, have some memes! It's been a while!

This week's thefridayfive is about goals:

1. We are a third of the way through this year. How are those New Years Resolutions coming along? I didn't really make any, but the only goal I had at the beginning of the year was completely shot by the end of the first month. Thanks, Jeremy!

2. Have your goals for the year changed? YES.

3. When working on personal achievements, do you do better when left alone, or do you need a support network of friends/family? I feel like I'm supposed to say I need a support network, but... hmm. I tend to keep things to myself to avoid public failure; I flog myself for failure more than anyone else probably would anyway. Having people nag or judge me doesn't tend to motivate me.

4. Who is your best personal airbag? Me, myself, and I!

5. What song or quote do you think best describes you right now? I will let the next meme decide that:

Music meme stolen from ladyhadhafang, who posted it nearly a month ago... yup, that's how I roll, very sloooooooooowly. I love music memes, especially now that I have an awesome iTunes collection again :D

According to my shuffle...

...hey, some of these almost make sense...Collapse )

Out of the hundreds of artists available to shuffle amongst, I find it odd that there are two repeats up there. That's happened previously when I've shuffled, too. What gives, iTunes?


I wasn't going to bother posting my little concert synopsis this time, I know most of you aren't that into it, but I do actually like to look back on these at times, so this one's for me!

tl;dr version: We had a great time!Collapse )

E-cookies to anyone who knows why I posted with this icon!


Seven things meme

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

mmailliw gave me:
Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Arizona, fandoms, cats, evil, cougar

1) Darth Vader: I think it's cool that I was afraid of him as a kid (especially when he chopped Luke's hand off in ESB, omg) and then when I grew up I just wanted to give him a hug! The end of ROTJ gets me every time. And ahhhhhhhhh I'm still lusting after this, especially since the CD part of my alarm became unreliable to the point of not being able to wake up to the soundtrack every morning :(

2) Anakin Skywalker: My favorite character! Most of my Star Wars merch is Anakin-related. I named my cat after him (and that was before RotS came out, even!) I love that he started (and ended, sadly) as a slave, and all the set-up for the fall we know is coming, Palpatine's master manipulation of him... he's so passionate and heroic and beautifully flawed.

3) Arizona: It's cold right now! Temps in the 70s! Expected to be 82 on Sunday :) Hehe, yeah, this is the perfect time of year to live here. I actually don't mind being outside now! I'm used to the heat -- the record, as far as I know, is 122. Usually it doesn't get above 110-115 (43.33 - 46.11 for you Celsius types). I've lived here since I was 4 years old. I believed we moved out here because there were no schools in New Jersey; actually, my parents just didn't want me to have to change schools so they timed it before I started school. Hee. Hard to imagine living anywhere else.

4) Fandoms: Star Wars and Harry Potter are my main two, though lately I haven't devoted much time to either. Been busy with other stuff >.> and a lot of the people who used to really be into them with me seem to be pulling away (or long ago pulled away) as well. That said... PALPAKIN IS STILL THE BEST PAIRING EVAR. I've also dabbled in Queer As Folk, Heroes, Lost, Firefly... maybe some others I've forgotten...

5) Cats: I have three, officially! Anakin, Snickers, and Gryffin. Unofficially, there's also Sangha, Kumal, Cassie, and the one I used to call Shelby who now seems to be Shel-shel because I swear Shelby is NOT a male name, in spite of certain people's insistence that it can be. My cats are my kids! I don't really want to have so many hanging around all the time but I CAN'T not feed them... I can't do it!

6) Evil: Haha, is this the random bit? Or because of Slytherin secondary? (We all know that Slytherins are EVIL. It's canon. *snicker*) I should probably babble about how sexy fictitious evil is or something but meh. Not feeling it. My default printer/copier/scanner machine at work is evil! It pissed me off today and made me slam its compartments and stuff. Yes, it made me. I am an abuser blaming my victim! Yes, I am the evil one. People think I'm so nice but that's what I want them to think...

7) Cougar: LOL. Yeah so I play the cougar part sometimes, but I'm really not one -- I'm not aggressive enough, for one thing. And for the record, the youngest guy I've gone out with was NOT quite young enough by a mere 2 years for the cougar definition to fit, and I realized he was too young for me (after the fact, unfortunately)... and I once accidentally went on a date with a guy 30 years older than me. Don't ask me how I didn't know it was a date until the end - I'm an idiot? Okay, that one doesn't count, but I did crush on a guy 18 years older than me at one point. See? I'm equal opportunity. Age is just a number! People's life experiences count more towards making a good match.


Love, measured in LJ comments!

Oops, I didn't do this at all in 2011! But I was curious... naturally Nam is still on top! No one else is anal enough! Now I remember why I stopped doing this - the top 10 never changes and half those people don't even talk to me anymore, booooo!

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2012 keeps getting better and better!
*happy sigh*

Year End Meme

I think this is the first year I haven't seen anyone else on my f-list do this! It's my favorite recurring meme.

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2011. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that's your "Year In Review". (and Wendy rules dictate that meme entries get skipped for this)

January: For the past few weeks or so there's been this mysterious ticking noise... coming from the biological clock that I swore was dead, like, seven years ago.

February: I might get to go to Texas for work!

March: I guess when a friend gets married and doesn't even bother to tell you, they're really not much of a friend anymore, huh.

April: I missed the Arcade Fire concert this week because I was my brother's Plan B, and Plan A did not flake out.

May: Many changes at work, some of the not good variety.

June: My glee from my last post was short-lived.

July: I'm not quite ready to get back into the swing of things here yet.

August: I... like Twilight now.

September: [No entries]


November: The disturbance in the Force I felt last week was unfounded, yay!

December: My whine-of-the-week for work is about Moving.

Happy New Year, everyone!


A week or so ago a coworker asked me if I knew of any kitties that needed a home because she was thinking about adding one to her household.

Me? Know of kitties in need of a home? Where would she get such an idea? Of course I told her no >.>

Today I was in a random conversation that a random person overheard and she ended up asking me if I wanted to take HER cat because the dogs are making the poor thing miserable and she and her husband had decided to give up the cat.

I decided to hook these two people up and whaddaya know, kitty has a new home and it's NOT with me!

I finally saw Breaking Dawn

I cried. But then, that could be because I've been emotional since attending a funeral for a co-worker this afternoon. People do seem to drop dead more often around the holidays, don't they? It was the most gospel-y funeral I've ever been to.

Just a few things, cut for spoilersCollapse )

I still want to read the books but I'm getting more and more curious about The Hunger Games. I'm only on Prisoner of Azkaban in my re-reading of Harry Potter so by the time I move on to anything else, both of those will probably be long over, but that's how I roll :) I guess I could break my little rule about only reading one fannish series at a time...

I better get to bed, I have a guy coming out to fix the desktop computer possibly as early as 8am tomorrow. Pretty much nothing works correctly on it now except the Sims but that's unplayable because the darn thing restarts itself randomly whenever it wants. Then tomorrow afternoon I'll be going to a Christmas show with K and her family, that should be a much more fun way to spend time in a church!

Card time!

If you'd like a holiday card from me, please leave your name and address on this post. I won't reply/unscreen, but feel free to PM or email me instead if you'd like. Cards will be holiday-themed unless you tell me you'd prefer non-holiday. I plan to send these out early in December.

Outside of the USA? No problem!

Happy Holidays!

Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

What was the most embarrassing day of your life?

I embarrassed myself as a child on a regular basis, which probably led to me becoming the inhibited self-preserving specimen I am today! Oh let's see, a toss up between the day I had to go pee SO BAD that I had an accident while we were doing jumping jacks in gym class (and pee ran down my leg... I remember this day as everyone being ushered out of the room as the room flooded with pee... no joke, I can still picture the ocean of pee in my memory! Clearly I couldn't have peed that much so my imagination must have taken over when someone drew attention to my predicament) ... or perhaps the day I tripped on the sidewalk walking down the street to my friend's birthday party, right in front of her house, my dress flew up and everyone saw my underwear and laughed at me, I turned around and ran home... or maybe when I was a little older, middle school, being forced to do a debate in which I was the person fielding questions from the other team and I had absolutely no clue as to how to prepare, and my answers consisted of "um, I dunno" and it went on FOREVER and I wanted to switch schools after that but my parents wouldn't let me... LOL.

Fast forward about 10 years from that, and it was the day I had utterly convinced myself that I could get my jerkface boyfriend back if only I TOLD him everything I was FEEEEEELING and how AMAZING he is... he agreed to meet me and hear me out, and he let me go on and on basically begging him to take me back, promising to change, all that shiz... for him to just coldly tell me it was too late, he was in love with the whore he left me for. Okay, maybe this one should win "most humiliating day"!






RIP, Borders

It's not closed yet but I won't be going back. It was too depressing in there. Empty shelves, somber "all sales are final" signs everywhere, "for sale" signs on all the furniture, NO MORE COFFEESHOP :( The only Harry Potter book they had was Chamber of Secrets. I wanted to buy a complete set for Rachel (lol, she's only 18 months old... but I plan ahead!). Is there a box set, I wonder? Seems like there should be by now. I should poke around online.

I also wanted to "buy" Twilight for free (you know, in case it sucks), what with the 60% off + my gift card... but they didn't have the first book and I'm not buying the others in case I can't stand it. That, and my gift card ended up having only 21 cents left on it anyway >.>

I feel guilty because I used to go there a lot more often than I do now. Yeah, one person's patronage couldn't have turned the tides, I'm sure, but it's the principle of the thing. And I'm nostalgic because that's where I stood in line waiting for the midnight release of the 7th Harry Potter book, with a girl I've completely lost contact with now. I had many coffee dates with friends there... and even more with myself, claiming the cozy corner chair if I could, writing, people-watching, listening to music if they had live acts... that lovely feeling of being alone in a crowd, but not at all lonely.

It was quite appropriate that as I was driving away, one of my favorite R.E.M. songs came on the radio: "It's the End of the World as We Know it." Okay, okay, melodramatic, yes... you east coasters can claim that for Irene. Stay safe, all of you!

I got in!

Just got stamped at hogwarts_elite and I have to say the results surprised me.

My icon gives it away but I'll cut for dramatic effect and geeky rambling anyway. I kept a running tally of my votes as they came in (Nam, I thought about assigning this task to you in all your chart-keeping glory, but I was obsessively checking the results anyway so it seemed rather redundant ^_^).


Off to respond to comments that people have probably forgotten they left by now. Hee.


I... like Twilight now. Sorry, icon!Anakin.

Should I hang my head in shame or embrace my inner 12-year-old girl?


I assume I'm not the only one who has to refresh every page a jillion times to get it to load, and a jillion more times to get it to load EVERYTHING. Makes it a bit difficult to keep up with the f-list. Come on, LJ, fight the good fight and fight it swiftly!

Today's activity to use as an excuse for not cleaning the house: filling out my application for hogwarts_elite! (thank you sileri for giving me something else to obsess about :P) I'm just not ready for Harry Potter to be over. I'm going to start re-reading the series very soon. I've seen the final movie twice and plan to see it again tomorrow. Not sure how many times I will see this one, but I do generally reach a point where I think "okay, I can wait for the dvd now" -- and I'm not there yet. Unfortunately, I've now experienced D-box seats, and I'm afraid I'm gonna be spoiled for all future movie outings. Are they worth the money? Not really. Will I spend the money anyway? Probably. I admit, part of the allure for me at the moment is going to "my" theatre, which is no longer mine (mine was closed in 2009, and really I should have stopped calling it "mine" in 2002 but I'm possessive like that)... I love that UltraStar came in and did extensive remodeling to make it viable in today's theatre climate. I can't help thinking how we would have abused the beer and alcohol back in the day. Hehe. Ah, the good old days!

Did I say I was going to post vacation pics? There are 297 of them and therefore too much effort to sort through. Just know that Colorado is very pretty. And I have a new-found appreciation for locomotives.

Frank, please don't eat this post!

A quick wave to my f-list


I'm not quite ready to get back into the swing of things here yet. I'm close. I'm doing much better than I was in that last post. I have more stress to work through but I do believe the worst is behind me. I was able to take my 4 days off to go on a little trip to Colorado with my dad, and that was great! I'll post a few pics eventually.

Happy Harry Potter Eve! I'll be seeing the movie with K on Sunday -- which is more reason to hide away from all media. I've read the book, yes, but there's still book-vs-movie spoilers and fan reactions that might bias me... I don't want to have any preconceptions going in. I'm excited to see it! How lovely to be excited about things again!

I hope you all are doing well, I'll catch up with you soon ♥

It's good to be king

Many changes at work, some of the not good variety. May or may not post about that later. Probably should lock a post even HINTING that I might post about it later, huh. Pfffffft. But hell, it's just LJ. Flyin' under the radar since 1999!

Anyway, I feel blissfully tired... in that "hey I just worked my ass off and look what I accomplished!" kind of happy way. And I love my boss, and my coworkers, and my office, and the actual work (most of the time), and I even love my paychecks although we're all supposedly grossly underpaid, if one listens to the whiners. (I, being Payroll Guru, must withhold comment) I feel lucky, if a bit stressed and anxious.

Getting a new roof and new A/C, although I don't think I can escape paying for some of it. Bit fuzzy on how all that works, and how the insurance adjuster can say "all you'll pay in the end is your deductible" when the paperwork I'm reading seems to indicate that's not the case. Unless my math is bad, $8000 does not cover both when each one separately costs around $5000. Just sayin'. Well, first things first, have to figure out how to cash the first check since it's made out to my mortgage company too.

Not sleepy enough to sleeeeeeeep, damnit. Time to listen to Ian McDiarmid's voice! I don't know why I'm even posting really except it's been a little while so I wanted to say hi.



I missed the Arcade Fire concert this week because I was my brother's Plan B, and Plan A did not flake out. Bummer! But since he hasn't even let me borrow their new CD yet I don't know their new stuff. Shoulda opened/uploaded it before I gave it to him for Christmas.

In other news... I got routine service done on my A/C because it's That Time of Year, and I was informed I have hail damage from the storm we had here last October 5th. I should have gotten it checked out sooner, really, but I'm of the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" ilk plus I'm lazy... now I'll probably get a whole new one! THAT WOULD KICK ASS. THANK YOU, STORM.

And I finally got a Sims 2 Bon Voyage that freaking works. HALLELUJAH!

I like today's thefridayfive because it doesn't require a lot of thought :D Always a good thing when one is tired/PMSy/irritable.

1. The 30th song in your playlist: "How We Operate" by Gomez, on my laptop media player that I never use. I'd refer to my iPod but it's still borked and I'm not firing up the slow-ass computer just to look in iTunes.

2. A city that starts with C in your state/province/etc: Cottonwood

3. Your boss' (or favorite teacher's) name: Mabel

4. The second book on your bookshelf: Depends on which level of which bookcase! Four levels, two don't have "booky" books though... so it's either Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince or Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.

5. Your 7th LJ friend: I'm going to assume this means alphabetically, because chronologically I have no clue beyond my first 2 LJ friends! Seventh would be ascendingflame, who doesn't seem to use LJ much anymore. I miss her updates!


I guess when a friend gets married and doesn't even bother to tell you, they're really not much of a friend anymore, huh.

Well, fuck them. I hope they live happily ever after and all but I'm pissed off. Yes, I'm just that petty.

I'm sure it's my fault because I don't check my Facebook very often. Well hey, not everyone checks my LJ that often pretend I still post all the time okay but if something big happens and I want that person to know, I tell them. You know? Shit.

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